Memeo Backup Premium

Memeo Backup Premium

Memeo Premium Backup is a simple backup solution for a complex digital world
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Memeo Premium Backup is, as the name implies, a backup tool that enables you to keep your files safe in case of a system failure.
The program sets you up to create an easy step-by-step backup plan for your files. You can make your backup on external drivers, on other computer from the network, on a USB storage device, on your iPod or online. The program provides 1GB online storage (creating an account is required for the online storage to be available) with the option to purchase more space. You can always set the backup destination to a folder on your internal drivers or partitions. The backup files can also be encrypted by the program in case you want those files to be private. The encrypted files can be restored with this program only.

After selecting the backup destination the program gets friendlier and provides you options to quickly select for backup, important files from your PC (files from 'My Documents' and 'My Pictures' folders or all the files from the Desktop). Also you can quickly select all the Firefox bookmarks, MS Outlook data (e-mail, contacts, tasks, etc.) and MS Office files to be backed up. Moreover, the SmartPicks feature enables you to quickly select files by the type and all the files from your computer with that type will be backed up. You can always select the folders you want to backup from your computer. After creating your backup plans the program will automatically save the data based on your plans.

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